3D-FRONT: 3D Furnished Rooms with layOuts and semaNTics Huan Fu 1 Bowen Cai 1 Lin Gao 2 Lingxiao Zhang 2 Cao Li 1 Qixun Zeng 1. Chengyue Sun 1 Yiyun Fei 1 Yu Zheng 1 Ying Li 1 Yi Liu 1 Peng Liu 1 Lin Ma 1 Le Weng 1. Xiaohang Hu 1 Xin Ma 1 Qian Qian 1 Rongfei Jia 1 Binqiang Zhao 1 Hao Zhang 3. 1 Alibaba-inc 2 Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 3 School of …


The dataset contains 3D vertex coordinates of 50,175 hand meshes aligned with in the wild images comprising hundreds of subjects performing a wide variety of tasks. The training set was generated from 102 videos resulting in 47,125 hand annotations.

More Details  3D printing and robotics. on Eurostat Website Tillfälliga uppgifter. URI: http://data.europa.eu/88u/dataset/yzsEuBlwUUxizsj3hSOdQ. Identifierare: isoc_eb_p3d. Inga dataset hittades. Countries: Cameroon None: 1.1.3d.

3d dataset

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3D-Byggnader är modeller i tre dimensioner av html3D-byggnader generaliserad LOD 1 i Sketchup-formatAccess URL About dataset. Titel. Inventario Nacional de Recursos Fitogenéticos Cereales de Invierno. core; 8/15. social; 0/8.

We have used this relatively cheap setup on purpose in order to hopefully make automated 3D behavioral analysis of zebrafish more accessible to smaller labs, students, and the likes. Dataset. The dataset consists of a training, validation, and test split. Each split consists of multiple sequences and each sequence consists of two recordings.

The Joint 2D-3D-Semantic (2D-3D-S) Dataset is available here. The Stanford Online Products dataset is available here. The ObjectNet3D Dataset is available here.

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3d dataset

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3d dataset

Average and Integral. Creates a  Semantic 3D Classification: Datasets, Benchmarks, Challenges and more. At the same time, until now there were no data sets for 3D point cloud classification   top 3D view snapshot view first frame view Code to read/download SUN3D dataset: [Matlab Toolbox and C++ Reader].
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3d dataset

It contains ~2 Million images with 40 male/40 female performing 70 actions.

MuPoTs-3D (Multi-person Pose estimation Test Set in 3D) is a dataset for pose estimation composed of more than 8,000 frames from 20 real-world scenes with up to three subjects.
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The datasets used in the Semantic Structure From Motion project are available here. The 3D Object dataset is available here, mirror. The Collective Activity dataset is available here. The 3D DeskTop dataset is available here. Software and Source Code. The source code of the 3D-Recurrent Reconstruction Neural Network project is available here.

OTB) Object and Event Recognition. Pedestrians Daimler Pedestrian Benchmark Data Sets; CrowdHuman; 3D Objects RGB-D Object Dataset, UW; Sweet Pepper and Peduncle 3D Datasets, InKyu Sa; Places H3D Dataset.

Collected by the Velodyne VLP-16 3D LiDAR. Description. This dataset contains 28,002 Velodyne scan frames acquired in one of the main buildings (Minerva 

NMR Dataset Experiment:CMHT41027 Experiment Number:10 Proc Number:1 Date:20090713. PDF · XML · TXT · « · 1 6 · 7 · 8. Du kan också komma åt  GeoSignum develops pioneering technologies to automatically detect and extract objects from 3D LiDAR datasets using state of the art 3D computer vision,  3d-die-roller - 3D die roller. ['mouseup', 'touchend', 'touchcancel'], function(ev) {.

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